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Kerri Parker, Miss UK & Hollywood Actress...

I went to see Matthew after a very stressful period in my life. I lost someone very dear to me and not long after I was diagnosed with a brain tumour. My anxiety levels went through the roof, and although my GP prescribed me medication I prefer a more natural route- treating the cause not the symptom. Matthews calm manner really relaxed me and helped me to smash life in so many ways. Including now training to be a stunt artist and putting myself in situations that before I would have just cried at.

Sam Sexton British Heavyweight Champion...

"Never really giving Hypnosis a thought I was first introduced to the concept whilst in Austria, helping 'Wladimir Klitschko' prepare for his upcoming fight against 'Alexander Povetkin. I was talking with a member of the team and was told that Klitschko had regular sessions...
I then took it upon myself to research it a little and when I was introduced to Matthew I was keen to try it for myself. I was pretty sceptical about how it would work, but I told myself I would go in with an open mind.
After my first session I knew it was for me, it made me very relaxed and I was able to come away with a clear focused head.
Later we worked on 'Boxnosis' and I found this to be very beneficial to my training.
Mathew developed a session that would help develop certain areas that I felt needed work.
It's delivered in such a way that it's embedded in my mind and it comes out naturally whilst training. We worked on a number of different things and by the time it came to the training camp for my British Title challenge, I think Mathew had it down perfect.
Every day I'd listen to the audio Boxnosis on my headphones and it set me up. During the fight the words resided in my head and certainly helped me lift that British Title." 👊🏻

Sam Sexton.
The British Heavyweight Champion

Rebecca Jessica Phillips Former Model   

"I was extremely impressed with the Hypnosis session I had with Matthew, not only did he offer complete confidentiality and professionalism but in addition to this, his methods made sense...

I was able to relax much more than with previous Hypnotherapists and felt confident and able to tackle the challenging issues I had.

I found his methods really made sense and I've been so relaxed and at ease ever since my session. I'd recommend him to anyone, I really would...

Kimberly Sieley A National Weightloss Winner of Over £10,000 

"Thank you to the amazing Matthew David Robinson for all the brilliant hypnotherapy sessions to help me with my weight loss and portion control and support the mind programming techniques to help with portion control you are one of the best hypnotherapists around I’ve lost over 200lbs"  

After reading this incredible article on TBI have a look at the menu option for a wealth of information on very wide ranging mental Health problems.

My latest big step forward was a Hypnotherapy session yesterday with Matthew David Robinson which has greatly reduced the level of Tinnitus I suffer from. I usually rate it from 0 to 10 at about 8 occasionally, for short periods of time (thankfully) it goes off the clock driving me insane.
Since my last hypnotherapy session it has been running at a constant level 3 which is almost silence for me. Fingers crossed it stays like this, I'm a very happy boy.

Colin Mathias Tinnitus Sufferer

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